How Saul the Jew became Apostle Paul( Arabic)

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How Saul the Jew became Apostle Paul the Christian? Arabic with English sub titles.
Muslims..misunderstood the Apostle Paul of Jesus Christ
about who he was. So our muslim friends should know the true life story of
Apostle Paul & his conversion, before making ignorant comments. "There is no God but Allah and Allah is ONE". Quran starts with a
negative statement. The word “one” is Satan’s finest trick on
Islam. Satan is a deceiver, but not a fool. Satan knows that within
the “oneness” of anything, be it god or anything, there is
“plurality and diversity”. Here Allah himself says and count
himself says he is "One".That means we can count Allah like one pen
or one car. Why there is only one Allah and not 2 Allah's? Quran
gives the reason for that. Quran 21:22 and 23:91 says that if there
is 2 Allah's in this Universe, they both will fight each other for
their belongings and at the end they both will destroy them self.See
here the all powerful one Allah himself gives a very silly reason
for his existence.Why Allah says throughout Quran that I am only
One.Because these words are simply coming from a human's brain and
mouth.It is very clear that Mohammed knows about many tribes and
its leaders of his time.Tribal leaders never allow 2 leader in one
tribe at a time and also the tribes always fight each other for
tribal supremacy.This assumption of tribal leadership fighting is
simply introduced here in the Quran by Mohammed as the reason for
why there is no 2 Allah's. A supreme God never wants to tell like
silly and lay man reasons of his existence.As per Holy Bible, God
is an infinite spirit, and we cannot see him ever and this spirit is
all knowing and all powerful.He is not restricted to being in one
location at a time. He fills every inch of space throughout the
universe with all His wonderful personal attributes.Bible says
God's spirit wants to stay inside each of us because our body is
God's temple.Thats why Christianity talking about the personnel God
and its relationship. Although God is distinct from His creation,
all His creation exists within Him. We cannot count almighty
God.Therefore God of Bible and Allah of Quran is not same.
Thank you for watching & God Bless you.

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