A Mighty Fortress Is Our God by Michael W Smith Lyrics

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A Mighty Fortress Is Our God performed by Michael W Smith.
It is unfortunate that this beautiful hymn was written by an anti-Semitic. That does not speak well of him or the Christian faith. I'm sure Jesus has forgiven him just like he has forgiven us of our many trespasses.
"A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" is one of the best known hymns by the reformer Martin Luther, who wrote many hymns. Luther wrote the words and composed the melody sometime between 1527 and 1529. It has been translated into English at least seventy times and also into many other languages. The words are a paraphrase of Psalm 46.
"A Mighty Fortress" is one of the best loved hymns of the Lutheran tradition and among Protestants more generally. It has been called the "Battle Hymn of the Reformation" for the effect it had in increasing the support for the Reformers' cause. Some information Sources: Wkipedia.
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