Praise Jesus (Christ)more & more... Great Arabic Christian Song(Middle East)

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Praise Jesus (Christ)more & more... Popular Arabic Christian Song @ Middle East & Arab World.
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(Let the Gospel of Jesus Christ , broadcast all over the war tone Arab world and the whole World)
Lyrics in English and translation .
Chorus : (Zeedo el-Maseeh tasbeeh. Allo el-Elah benaghamkom. Nadou el-abtal, abtalo. Yemshou be Salib odamkom)x2
E: [Praise the Lord more and more. Exalt the Lord with your song. Call all saints, His saints. To walk with a cross before you]
1- (Ouloh aam wel mot malhoush soltan, w mafeesh ella bdamoh el-ghofran)x2. W nour el Engeel beyzeed.
E: [Say He has risen and death has no authority. And there is no forgiveness without His blood X2. And the light of the Bible shines more and more]
2- (Ouloh ghalab el a'tma w soltanha. Nawar ayamna w lawenha)x2. W nour el nahar beyzeed.
E: [Say He has defeated darkness and its power. He has lightened our days and put joy in them X2. And the light of the day shines more and more]
3- (Ouloh ghaleb-ghaleb a'adaoh. Ghalbeen beshehadtoh w bedema.oh)x2. W meerathna ma'ah beyzeed.
E: [Say He is victorious over His enemies. We are victorious through His witness and blood X2. And our inheritance with Him grows more and more]
4- (Eishou farah el-sama afrah-afrah. Yelbes iblees lebs el-nawah)x2. W hotafna elih beyzeed.
E: [Live the joy of Heaven fully. This will make a mourner of Satan X2. And our call against him grows louder and louder]
(Launch: May 31, 1996.) SAT-7 ARABIC provides hope to its millions of viewers by
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for every member of the family.Around 300 million Arabic speaking peoples live in the Middle East
and North Africa, more than half of whom have access to satellite TV.
Programs airing on SAT-7 ARABIC range from documentaries, films, and
cartoons, to an increasing number of “live” interactive programs.
SAT-7 ARABIC also produces a wide variety of teaching and discussion programs.
The channel regularly addresses issues in the region from the Christian point of view,
bringing the gospel to an estimated total audience of at least 8.5 million people.
SAT-7 production studios in Egypt and Lebanon produce more than 75% of the shows that air on the channel.
SAT-7 ARABIC broadcasts from Eutelsat 7 West A, 11,353 GHz Vertical, SR 27500 5/6
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هل القرآن كلام الله؟ مناظرة بين الشيخ طارق والأخ رشيد
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